Pick Module Systems

Pick module systems are often customized for each facility, because storage and picking requirements can differ greatly between warehouses - configure to order (CTO). These multi-level racking structures typically include conveyors that move products from the picking areas to the shipping areas. Replenishment of product within the pick module is done from rear aisles, or directly from a lift truck. Well adapted for large distribution centers, they are constructed from basic pallet racking components. Sub-components consist of carton flow, pallet flow, various forms of shelving and conveyor, as well as flooring, handrails, stairs, kickplates, lighting and fire sprinkler protection.

Multi‐Level Racking Structures

Easy To Move Products From Picking Area(s) To Shipping Area(s)

Well‐Versed For Large Distribution Centers

Sub‐Components Consisting Of Various Forms Of Shelving & Conveyor

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